Monday, September 29, 2014

Getting Out There

I was really honored when my prayer buddy and good friend invited me to come speak to the mamas at her church.  Even though there were 50 women gathered around, it felt intimate and welcoming.  It was a special morning and one of the women took really good notes and even wrote a gorgeous blog about it- what a gift!

It's been really special for me to be invited to speak my heart at 3 churches so far this Fall.  It's been a long time since I felt like my gifts and passions were honored and invited.  After listening to an audio recording of myself I realize I have a ton of room to grow- but I'm thankful for the chance to try and learn.  The true gift is the way that my heart just explodes when I walk into these gatherings- a sense of God's love for the women there and myself is always so present.  I love mornings with grace and coffee and girls.  Does it get any better?

If you want a taste of my heart for imperfection, friendship, and community in motherhood- here it is.

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